Aftercare & maintenance

How should I clean my frame?

We provide a sanded finish to all our oak frames. The oak frame may get a little dirty during and after the erecting process, and the longer the frame is left to the elements the more staining will occur. We recommend that these marks are cleaned with an oxalic acid solution. The timing of the cleaning process is crucial; the frame needs to be enclosed to prevent re-staining from the weather, but it needs to be carried out early in the building process so other surface finishes are not affected.

Do I need to apply a finish to my oak frame?

Oak frames do not require a surface finish. Natural sunlight will change the untreated exterior of the frame to a silvery grey; while internal timbers will oxidise to a beautiful honey colour. Many of our clients oil or wax the frame to maintain, or change, to their own preference. We are happy to advise on suitable products, however we would recommend that you test a small area first to make sure you are happy with the end result.

How should I decorate the frame when the oak shrinks?

During the first couple of years the oak frame will shrink away from plaster finishes, which may result in a shadow gap of up to around 5mm. We recommend that you do not redecorate these gaps until the frame has settled, after which the gaps can be filled with a flexible decorator’s caulk.

Do I have to sand blast the frame?

No, our frames do not need sand-blasting. Sand-blasting alters the appearance of the frame and can remove the detailing around the stop chamfers.

Do I need to treat the frame with anything?

No, the oak frame does not require any surface treatment. However, internally we would usually recommend some treatment in kitchens, for instance, where it helps to prevent stains from cooking.