The art to making oak frame homes modern

January 19, 2017

There’s no denying the impressive stature and design of oak frame homes. The design and look is very popular in today’s architectural structures, with oak framing named as the fastest growing construction method in the UK, partly due its popularity on home renovation shows such as Grand Designs. However, in some ways many people still best associate oak framing with the traditional look and style that replicates homes built in the Middle Ages, not always as the modern design choice that it has now become.

For this reason, design-conscious, would-be self-builders may be concerned about how to achieve a modern look with oak framing. As much as oak is famed for its classic look, oak can easily be modernised through a range of practices. These can include adding modern technology to the build such as underfloor heating, and also contemporary materials, including glass and stainless steel to form stunning designs that work seamlessly with the traditional look of oak frame. Similarly, transforming oak frame buildings into the 21st century can be achieved through including open plan, airy spaces throughout the build.

Today’s modern oak frame homes tend to have a ‘stripped back’ look and are much ‘simpler’ than their traditional predecessors in terms of style. Exposed beams and open plan spaces create a more contemporary look to this typically classic style of property, but these popular modern minimal layouts tend to be more affordable due to their simplistic nature.

Modern oak frame homes also lend themselves to a range of additional contemporary features including double height spaces, mezzanine decks, galleries and vaulted ceilings. Another way in which oak frame homes can be modernised is through the addition of bi-fold doors. Adding bi-fold doors to the back of your property will maximise the natural light entering your home, but it is also a great way to maximise the illusion of space, again making your home appear more open plan and airy. Installing floor-to-ceiling glazing can also add to the sense of space by enhancing the natural light entering your home, and this also offers the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views of your garden from inside your home, throughout the year.

There is also the option of adding same level interior and exterior flooring to make your garden become an extended part of your living space, and also to add a touch of modernity to the traditional look of oak frame.

The finish of the oak can also create a more modern, contemporary look to any oak frame home. By choosing an uncoloured wax for internal beams, this will help to keep the oak light and will enhance the feeling of space in the home, making the area feel open and spacious.

Welsh Oak Frame designs and builds oak frame structures that blend together the best of traditional and contemporary oak frame buildings. The team here at Welsh Oak Frame work with you right from the start of your project to make sure you get the exact finish and features that you require for your self build, giving you the opportunity to be as traditional or modern as you desire.

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