The realities of building your dream home – Part 3

December 2, 2016

Continuing on from the previous blog post in our ‘building your dream home’ series, our final chapter cover the practicalities of fine-tuning your dream home before you can unleash your creative vibes on the interior.

The final touches

So, you have no doubt obtained the perfect plot, planning permission, a designer and in front of you is the shell of the home of your dreams and you have been fantasising about what your interior will look like. However, before your bank account takes another hit, there are a couple more practical tasks to deal with.

After a house has been built or renovated, something called ‘snagging’ takes place. This is where any small issues that may have not been completed, or a certain job needs reassessing is flagged up and the appropriate professional will be brought in to complete.

Once this has been completed and both parties are happy with the result, you will need to obtain a completion certificate from building control. This is proof that all building work has been carried out in accordance with Building Regulations and therefore the property is legally safe.

At the very end of the process you can apply for a VAT reclaim, which allows you to be refunded any of the VAT you paid on building materials and services, and is only available to people who have: built their own home, converted a property into a home, built a non-profit communal residence or built a property for charity. The only crux is that the building work and materials must qualify and be submitted within three months of the work being completed.

And now for the fun part…

Interior seasonal trends

Why not, consider the autumn/winter interior colour trends this season. The ‘neutrals’ collection this year is a palette of winter-morning greys, for those crisp autumn mornings when the frost is on the ground. Or if neutrals isn’t your thing, why not mimic the dark nights drawing in with an array of dark blues such as: midnight blue, indigo and ink. All of which add a cosy feel to any room in your house – especially teamed with knitwear or tartan throws and cushions.

At Welsh Oak Frame, everyone of our senior management have built their own homes, so they understand first hand all the trials and tribulations of self-building. From day one our expert design team will work with you and take care of all aspects when it comes to design, planning, building regulations and structural calculations, taking away all the hassle and fear of self-building.

So, to begin your own self-build journey today visit: or give us a call on 01686 688000.