Welsh Oak Frame launches certified direct glazing system

January 11, 2017

Today’s oak frame homes are notable for their large areas of glazing creating a seamless flow between the interior and garden space, truly bringing the “outdoors, indoors”.

Essentially, oak frame structures are built with “green oak”, which simply means that the timber will move slightly (shrink and expand) as the moisture content in the wood fibre changes. This has no impact on the structural integrity and strength of the frame however glass is a very rigid material, and if installed wrongly, as the timber moves it could impose forces on the glass, which may crack or shatter at worst, or at least leave gaps for cold air draughts or rain water ingress.

Your oak frame can be designed to receive either pre-manufactured joinery products such as casement windows and doors, or you may wish to opt for a direct glazing system.

Welsh Oak Frame’s glazing system overcomes these challenges, where the glazing can be directly fitted into large frame sections, giving aesthetically appealing “walls of glass” which are structurally sound, weatherproof and draught proof. We use up to eleven separate elements, including different sealants, membranes, gaskets and foam adhesives, as well as specially kiln dried oak beading.

To meet Parts K (barrier) and Part Q (security) of current building regulations, Welsh Oak Frame have had their system fully tested by third party certifying body Buildcheck and now holds both UKAS and PAS24 certification for our glazing system. Our glazing system is UKAS accredited giving you peace of mind and the assurance that your glazing and oak frame will work in harmony together.

To find out more about our unique glazing system please contact the team on 01686 688 000


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