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Oak frame beam styles

Jul 26, 2018

In traditional timber framing the frame is made up of a series of beams, connected and secured with mortice and tenon joints, with the weight of the frame transferred through the vertical timbers. In the UK we are surrounded by many fine examples of medieval timber frame construction; a testament to the integrity and longevity of this method of timber frame construction. Though traditional, the many possible design and layout options make this frame type the perfect solution for modern building projects.

Post and beam
In post and beam oak framing the upright posts support horizontal beams and are connected with traditional joinery. The weight is taken by the horizontal members resting on the vertical posts, and the shell of the building is suspended around the frame. This style of oak frame construction allows for endless design possibilities and is usually chosen because of its unique charm and character, but it also represents real cost-effectiveness because the need for other structural materials is reduced.