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The build route that maximises your choices and reduces your costs

Oct 26, 2018

A self-build is possibly the most exciting project you’ll ever embark upon and before you start it pays to ask yourself, what kind of self-builder am I?

You may have heard the term ‘turnkey’, when a package company handles the whole build process for you until your home is completely finished. There’s no project management, no stress, no risk and they’ll source all the finishing touches such as doors, windows, roof finishes, and so on. However, this approach comes with caveats – you’ll pay extra for the privilege of having your build managed and you may be limited on the products and materials you can choose.

This is why at Welsh Oak Frame we don’t offer a turnkey package but DO offer a more flexible way of working – our focus is to produce a high quality design and encapsulated oak frame, giving you free rein to make your house truly your own.

Design freedom

Every Welsh Oak Frame project is unique. Our in-house design team can start with a blank sheet of paper, bring your own concept to life, or if you’re stuck for inspiration, implement ideas you like from our extensive design portfolio. Our designers can also work with another designer’s drawings, using our oak frame expertise to develop a viable oak-framed home. We also think it’s important you remain free to choose your own components (windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchen, to name a few) rather than being steered towards a limited list of options that come with a turnkey package.

A journey with the experts

Oak frames are what we do. Working directly with us cuts out the middle man so you stay close to your project and nothing is lost in communication. You’ll meet the team and have the opportunity to see your frame being crafted in our workshop – we pride ourselves on building relationships with our customers and keeping you involved. We’ll work with your groundworks schedule, deliver your frame to site, then construct the entire oak frame to a weatherproof shell which can include our encapsulated walling and direct glazing systems. Quality control is delivered every step of the way until we’re satisfied – then you can pick up the reins with your chosen building team. But we won’t leave you there. We’re here to give you help and advice until the day you move into your new home.

Stay in control

Experienced self-builders often surmise good relationships are at the heart of their successful building project, which is why we believe you’re best placed to choose your own build team. Unlike a turnkey package, which provides its own builders, this is a chance for you to get to know everyone before you sign a contract. You can choose how involved you want to be and we’ll work around you. This might mean getting your hands dirty – building the roof, for example – employing and project managing trades, or procuring materials. You might need a specialist trade, a stonemason, for example, to build a stone wall. Employing the right expert for the right job puts you firmly in the driving seat to be sure you get the best results.

Make savings

Sourcing local means you won’t incur extra costs for transport and accommodation, which might be the case with a turnkey package building team based further away. You’ll avoid a mark-up if you organise the trades. And, of course, you won’t have to pay out on every stage if you take on a chunk of the project yourself. Ultimately, seeking out the very best trades through recommendations is likely to mean less problems and a faster build time – all contributing to a better value build.